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Stop getting hosed by MMWD!

Demand better financial leadership


Chris Hobbs For MMWD Board

A Voice For Ratepayers

Business as usual is not going to cut it in a new reality of climate change. You deserve a forward thinking voice at the Water District.

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What I Stand For

Preparing For A Better Future

MMWD does a great job at providing water, but a lousy job at planning and communicating with stakeholders. Did you know that MMWD doesn't have a long term plan in place? That is not how you run a $100 million business that is a critical resource for almost 200,000 people. We need to complement the extensive water expertise on the board with business expertise.

Iron Tap

A Voice For Ratepayers

Hey, what about us?

Recent moves like the disastrous implementation of the Capital Maintenance Fee show that MMWD's Board of Directors has lost touch with the ratepayers. Ratepayers should be a partner, not just a piggybank.

Climate Change

Climate change is real, and will have a significant impact on our water supply.

We need to plan for more severe and longer droughts. Conservation will be essential, as we already use more water than we "make", and have to buy water from Sonoma County. Getting conservation to work requires much better communication with water users.

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We need to make up for generations of neglect

This year has brought home the critical importance of aggressive fire prevention. MMWD needs to do more to protect the watershed and the residents of Marin. Fires have a massive negative impact on our health, and our water.

photo: Marin County Fire Dept


A Vital Resource

The watershed is Marin's communal back yard, and this year it has become more valued and utilized than ever before. An upside of the pandemic has been seeing families out together, hiking or cycling, enjoying nature. The District needs to do a better job at managing the recreational aspect of the watershed and ensuring equitable and safe access for all users. A further upside is that you can see for yourself some of the infrastructure that goes into getting clean water to your tap.

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Why Your Vote Counts

The Water District may not be top of mind in this election, but it has a big impact on our lives in Marin. In addition to providing essential clean water, MMWD manages a vast watershed, with forest adjacent to our homes and a vital recreational resource.


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